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30 Minutes or Less

Back in the day, I was a pizza delivery driver for Domino’s (in Gulf Shores, AL and New Orleans, LA). Besides “Avoiding the Noid” their slogan when answering the phone was “Thank you for choosing Domino’s Pizza where we get it to you in 30 minutes or less, or you get $3.00 off!” That 30-minute time constraint was the inspiration for August’s drawings.

I also wanted to continue decluttering art supplies, so I pulled out boxes of old colored pencils, inks, and markers and used them with some of the drawings. I really enjoy the challenge of using a combination of these mediums on certain drawings. It was nice to re-learn how to use some of these art supplies and remember that less is sometimes better than adding more.

It proved to be an interesting and fun challenge. On some days, the 30-minute timer went off when I was only halfway done with my drawing. On other days, it seemed like I had all the time in the world, completing a drawing and being shocked that I still had 15 minutes remaining. On those days, I used the remaining time to go back to drawings that needed more work to complete. I ended up using 15.5 hours of total drawing time in August. I learned a lot with my “30-minutes or less” drawing challenge, and I am enjoying creating even more than before.

Please click on the image below to check out my August 2020 drawings.

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