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No foolin' around in April

Wow!!! What a strange year we are experiencing and how quickly we are flying through it! The months seem to have no distinction anymore. April brought with it another extension of self-quarantining and closures. For me, April was about feeling apprehensive. No doubt we are living in “strange and unprecedented times” (words I am being to loathe). We are experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime milestone in world history which will be discussed, studied, and written about for years to come. I am hopeful that in these uncertain times we are learning to love and respect each other more, and it’s nice to read, hear, and see how there are still good things happening. It’s so easy to get sucked into the media’s mixed messages, a person can easily slip into doom, gloom, and depression. To shield myself from going there, I was inspired to draw happy, light, and colorful drawings and doodles this month.

Who doesn’t feel happy when they see brightly colored waves and a beautiful sunshine on a clear day? The sun doodles are influenced by my late art teacher, Lloyd Sensat. He drew the most beautiful suns. April’s drawings have given me a renewed appreciation for where we live and life itself. When you are restricted to go to places like beaches and parks, it makes you want to be there even more. We are all eager to have our lives go back to some sense of normal. And they will, eventually. My hope is that we all come back even better than we were before. 

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