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Riece Walton

Originally from Southern Louisiana and now residing in Pensacola, Florida, Riece’s artwork depicts all that he loves about the Gulf Coast. From the architecture, food, and culture of New Orleans, to iconic Pensacola landmarks and landscapes, Riece’s paintings put the viewer in familiar places, evoking memories of past experiences or stories told by family and friends.


Riece’s art teacher, Lloyd Sensat, instilled within him the importance of preserving one’s home, culture, history, and environment by telling stories through art.  Other artistic influences are Vincent Van Gogh’s use of bright color; James Michalopoulos’ skewed, loose painting style; Andy Warhol’s focus on the simplicity of everyday items; and Edward Hopper’s dramatic light and shadow placement.


Although he likes to use a variety of media to create art, Riece’s medium of choice is acrylic paint. His technique of mixing bright colors using loaded brushes or palate knives directly and boldly onto canvas brings his images to life with energy, movement, emotion, and texture.

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