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Faces of February

Ahhh, February - that little month that every four years gets an extra day. This short month gets packed with a ton of activities in the Deep South. If there is ever a month that wears many masks, February is the one. It honors Black history, romances on Valentine's Day, and pays tribute to our forefathers by dropping mattress prices on Presidents' Day. For us along the Gulf Coast, February weekends are filled with parades that lead up to 5 days of Mardi Gras decadence and partying, only to end with Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, kind of like another new year's resolution period with a higher power influence. With all these events crammed into such a short month, it provided me with some inspiration on what to draw each day - faces.

Mardi Gras is about masquerading, or putting on a different face. So drawing a face each day made perfect sense. It was so much fun to do. Each day I tried to exaggerate, stretch, pull, and distort each face's features. I know it is only the 2nd month, however, this has to be my favorite series of the year! I've learned a lot about looking at facial features and really going overboard on exaggerating them while also maintaining facial expressions. You might recognize some of the faces. Some were inspired from a surfing magazine, while others were completely from my imagination. Please check out the gallery below and let me know what you think. Any and all comments are welcomed.

Hard to believe we already in the third month of the year. Where does the time go!!?

Enjoy the artwork. Until next month...

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