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January is the weirdest month of the year!!

Think about it, it really is! It's the month you decide to sober up, start fresh, get back into the gym, be better organized, eat healthier, stress less, etc...all while still suffering from the holiday hangover. You are so busy trying to get back into a normal routine that the stress of it all almost drives you to start drinking again. You're also trying to avoid all sick, hacking, coughing, sniffling people so you don't find yourself sick. And before you know it - POOF! You have not accomplished one damn thing in January and now the month is over. It is the fastest, longest month ever!!!

For me January did not start off so stellar. I managed to hurt my back, and as soon as the pain subsided I was knocked back down with bronchitis. However, I did have a bright spot among the setbacks - I managed to draw everyday in my sketchbook. (You can view the gallery below.) Please note that some pages I worked on multiple days, which I dated accordingly. The biggest obstacle when assigning yourself to draw everyday is "What to draw?" You can tell which days I knew what I wanted to draw, while others I just doodled to fill the page. Some are studies for paintings that I managed to get done, whereas others are ideas for future Christmas card designs. (Yes, I start thinking early about Christmas card designs.) When the month was over, I found it interesting to see how my drawings progressed and what subject matters repeated themselves. There's no doubt I must be yearning for the beach and warmer weather.

February's drawings are already showing a common theme, which is a perfect subject for all kinds of ideas. But you will have to wait till next month's blog post to see them.

Until next time....


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