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The Transition of Transitioning

Well, here we are…another month gone, another sketchbook filled and on the bookshelf. July’s drawings are split between two sketchbooks – I filled one, then had to transition into another partially-filled book. The one I chose was a Christmas gift from my art teacher and friend, Lloyd Sensat, back in 1995. Those who knew Lloyd will not be surprised that there is a sun on the cover. Lloyd embellished the first few pages with his own sun and a Christmas greeting. It started as a journal, turned into a sketchbook, back to a journal, and then stopped – my last entry (before this month) was from 2002.

Another transition was taking place in July - my figure drawings. I hope you’re not getting bored with my surfer figure studies. I am fascinating by the sport and the poses are so dynamic. You can see the movement happening in the contorted figure, like a tightly wound spring about to release its energy. NOLA lovers will notice the second line dancers and a flambeaux carrier study which I am quite proud of. To repeatedly draw the same subject in different poses helps to learn how the body moves in space. It also facilitates efficiency when drawing the human figure. These studies are helping me compose new pieces of art that will involve both subjects - one for my own enjoyment and the other a commission piece.

My artistic style is also transitioning. Artists sometimes worry that their art “looks like” some other famous artist’s work. While I look at many examples from my favorite artists, it’s not to copy or try to make my work “look like” their art, but to find little hints or tricks that I can apply to my own practice. I want your eyes to dance around the art and discover all the details that combine to make it a good piece.

Before writing this entry, I thumbed through my last six months of drawings and it’s as if there are two artists doing this project. I am seeing transitions in my approach, technique, thought, and execution. There is more confidence apparent in each new drawing. If you go back and compare the drawings from past months to now, hopefully you will see a little improvement. This is where my drawing-a-day project gets really interesting and fun – when I can clearly see the transitions that are taking shape. Until next month...

Please click on the image below to see July’s drawings.

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